Saturday, January 26, 2013

Snow Fun 2012

Paige sitting with her little snowman on the bench
 Ryann and Papa worked hard getting this guy put together.
 Everyone got in on sledding the back hill. Even Nana and Paige took a turn in the sled
 Papa built us a jump, which made things that much more fun! Since we don't have waves here, we use the boogie board for sledding :) Elena took it over the jump several times.
 This looks like it's about to pitch Elena out! Hard landing kiddo
 Oh the joys of sledding! Looks like she forgot to hang on to the board though!
 Papa and Paige going over the jump! Not sure the landing felt very good, but Paige is loving it!
 Ryann finally giving it a go
 My sister Holly came up to visit from Florida, so we had a great time reminding her of how fun snow can be.

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  1. Ha ha those are awesome sledding pics! I'm ready for some more snow, although I'm also enjoying thawing out these couple of warm days:)