Saturday, January 26, 2013

Snow Fun 2012

Paige sitting with her little snowman on the bench
 Ryann and Papa worked hard getting this guy put together.
 Everyone got in on sledding the back hill. Even Nana and Paige took a turn in the sled
 Papa built us a jump, which made things that much more fun! Since we don't have waves here, we use the boogie board for sledding :) Elena took it over the jump several times.
 This looks like it's about to pitch Elena out! Hard landing kiddo
 Oh the joys of sledding! Looks like she forgot to hang on to the board though!
 Papa and Paige going over the jump! Not sure the landing felt very good, but Paige is loving it!
 Ryann finally giving it a go
 My sister Holly came up to visit from Florida, so we had a great time reminding her of how fun snow can be.

Christmas Goings On

Mom and Dad Ramey came for Christmas, the we were very excited to have them here. The girls were very spoiled this year, and luckily we had extra hands to help pick up all the wrapping paper!
 Nana getting in smiles with Ryann, and her new coat and scarf.
 Papa teasing Paige about this being a bike that was "his size".
 Arlen and I, sitting back taking in the crazy unfolding on the carpet
 Elena was so happy with her new dress. Nana made this for her birthday, and delivered it in person!
 The princess just couldn't get enough of her new bike, and dress up items.

December 2012

Paige has been in pre-school this year, and is loving it. She goes two days a week, which gives the adults two days of no kids in the house :)
 This year each child brought in a gift for secret Santa  This was each child left for break with a little something from a classmate.
 Santa was also there to take pictures with the kids. Paige called him out as Mr. Burns, their music teacher. So much for her classmates "believing"! Later that day was the school Christmas Concert. The older girls came along to watch each grade sing a little song. Since they all looked so nice, we had them pose in front of the tree in the schools lobby.
 Paige sitting with her class, VERY excited to sing the songs she had been practicing at home.

Thanksgiving and Birthdays

Thanksgiving around here means fried turkey, ham on the grill, too many pies, and company. Dan, Floyd and Peggy were all here to share in the yummy food.
Elena turned 11 this year, and is VERY into purple at the moment.

She's growing up fast, and turning into quite the little lady.


We have enjoyed the nice fall weather, and so has the farm. Bubby goat (Heathers bottle baby) loves coming out to play with the kids and "socialize". There's no better time for Family time, then around a bon-fire. 

Paige is becoming quite the musical child. She plays the piano inside, singing her own songs. The guitar doubles as a cello around the fire. Seems that Dixie is enjoying whatever tune she is strumming away to.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fall pictures

Heather took some amazing pictures of the girls this fall, check these out!

They sure are growing up fast.

Hunting continued.....

On November 20th during the Ohio youth season, I took Elena out for her very first shotgun hunt.  We joined up with another friend and his 12 year old daughter for a very exciting day for both the girls and the dads.  First thing in the morning Elena's friend busted a little spike with 20 gauge pump gun.  They hauled it away leaving Elena and I to continue the morning sit.  After seeing several deer without a good opportunity for a shot I decided to move a climbing tree stand I had in the area and I asked Elena to keep an eye out while I climbed the tree.  About ten feet up, Elena shushed me and I turned and looked and there was a small buck 25 yards away.  She raised her gun and without any assistance from me she put a killing shot on the deer.  It was awesome to witness from my elevated position while she accomplished everything I had tried to teach her all on her own.

Talk about an excited dad and daughter.  Heather and PJ came upto help us out and take pictures.

About a week later, my neighbor came upon a monster while out hunting and brought it down first thing in the morning.

This deer green scored 169 7/8, just under the requirement for the Pope and Young entry.